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EFB-KPMG 2020 Global Tax Monitor

Thursday, 03 December 2020

In this challenging year, KPMG have explored the situation of taxation on family businesses in 54 countries and territories in order to offer an


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Family Business Management Programme 2020

Wednesday, 04 March 2020

The Family Business National Centre of Excellence is inviting business founders, next generation managers and those with an interest in learning how


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Growing a family business - LEO Enterprise Week BOI Workbench Centre Fri 6th March 8am

Wednesday, 04 March 2020

Phil Cone of Acadeny Crests Ltd and Michael Finn NSG Ltd will be interviewed by JJ O'Connell of Family Business Ireland to discuss their growth


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3 Ways Philanthropy Can Benefit Your Business



1. Builds respect and reputation within the community

- When you do good, people notice. Community members are more likely to support businesses that have shown a vested interest in helping the community.

An article on used Facebook as an example. When Facebook decided to move to Menlo Park in the San Francisco Bay area years ago, community members worried about the impact the new employees could have on the city's infrastructure.

In response, Facebook spent millions of dollars on infrastructural improvements, such as improving bike trails to reduce traffic congestion created by the throngs of new employees. The company also donated $120 million to nearby schools, which, unsurprisingly, helped boost their public image.



2. Boosts company morale

- Owners often get so caught up in the daily grind, causing them to forget about the little things that contribute to their employees' joy and fulfillment.

When it comes down to it, employees like working with people and companies that understand the importance of giving back. It improves their respect for the owner and company in general, which can increase employee satisfaction and morale. Happy employees are crucial for a thriving and sustainable business.



3. Presents networking opportunities

- Philanthropic organizations are chock-full of business owners who make giving back a priority. Getting your foot into these organizations surrounds you with powerful, like-minded people.

Plus, owners who give back tend to have a deeper trust for one another, meaning they're more likely to solicit your business if they need help with something that pertains to your area of expertise.



If your company hasn't engaged in philanthropic work, it's missing a key opportunity to boost unity, trust and morale. But more importantly, communities and the people within them - like Isabella - need our help. I hope you can find the time and resources to dedicate to these important causes.