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Calling all small firm owner-manager/senior managers……

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) at Maynooth University, Ulster University (UU), N. Ireland and Anglia Ruskin University, England are undertaking


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PWC Family Business Report 2019

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

PWC Irish Family Business Report 2019 PWC survey of over 100 businesses, conducted in late 2018, reveals that the Irish family business sector is


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The Impact of Family Business in Ireland

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Although this repost is based on findings up to 2005. It is important to know the impact that family business has in Ireland. 


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How to play the Generation Game...
Monday, 24 December 2012 09:38

Family Business Ireland were featured in an article on The Sunday Times on 23rd December.  The article "How to play the generation game" written by Sandra O'Connell is about how passing on the family business can be done smoothly and includes interview with Family Business Ireland director - J.J. O'Connell.

Minister John Perry launches
Thursday, 20 December 2012 12:08 was recently launched in Dublin by Minister John Perry at the European Family Business General Assembly. Family Business Ireland has long been a centre of excellence and support for family businesses and the development of the on-line specialist website has been warmly welcomed throughout the country. Family Business Ireland supports, advises and helps to build sustainable futures for Ireland's family owned and family run businesses


Family Business Ireland is a confidential network dedicated to the wellbeing and support of family business owner-managers, and the development of their businesses. It is an educational and support service for the founders, owners, next generation managers and professional advisors of family businesses.


Over the past fifteen years Family Business Ireland has directly facilitated hundreds of family businesses throughout Ireland to manage the issues of succession, legacy, transference and continuity. Family Business Ireland is an initiative that has developed through Plato.


Pictured below (left to right): Jesus Casado, Secretary General - European Family Businesses; Minister John Perry - Minister for Small Business; and Roger Pedder, Chairman - European Family Businesses (chairman-UCG, and former Chairman - Clark's Shoes)




KPMG - Insights on Succession in the Family Business
Wednesday, 28 November 2012 11:02

A recent article on KPMG Family Business website gives some insights into Succession in the Family Business.

The Spring 2012 report of the Swiss Private bank Pictet & Cie, includes two interesting articles on Family Business Succession.  One being an academic perspective from INSEAD and the other being a practitioner view from Pictet read more

Half of Farmers have no Identified Successor - Survey
Thursday, 08 November 2012 12:09

A recent article in Irish Farmers Journal written by Pat O’Keeffe states that a national survey of farmers aged over 50 has found that 48% do not have a farming successor identified. This is one of the preliminary findings from a national 'Land Mobility and Transfer' study, organised by Macra na Feirme in conjunction with the IFA and the Irish Farmers Journal.


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New Website for Family Business Ireland
Friday, 02 November 2012 09:27

Family Business Ireland will formally launch the new website on December 4th. This new website will make it easier for Family Business owners to access information and locate Professional Service providers.


There is a library of free to download information/templates/documents relevant to Family Business owners.


There will be relevant case studies of Irish Family Businesses, along with a directory of Family Business professional service providers in all 32 counties.

European Family Businesses
Friday, 02 November 2012 09:24

European Family Businesses is the EU federation of national associations representing long-term family owned enterprises, including small, medium-sized and larger companies.


European Family Businesses General Assembly – ‘Strengthening family business: an Irish perspective’ takes place on Tuesday 4th December, Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin.


The objectives of European Family Businesses are to promote a full understanding of the key role of family-owned enterprises in Europe’s economy, to press for policies that will support the creation of a level playing field for family businesses compared to all other types of companies, and to ensure recognition of their contribution to the entrepreneurial culture and social cohesion in Europe. In addition, European Family Businesses represents and supports the next generation of entrepreneurs.



Family businesses make up more than 60 % of all European companies, and they account for about 40 % - 50 % of employment, encompassing a vast range of firms of different sizes and from different sectors. Most SMEs (especially micro and small enterprises) are family businesses and a large majority of family companies are SMEs. Family Businesses constitute to a substantial part of existing European companies and have a significant role to play in the strength and dynamism of the European economy.



EFB in Dublin

To coincide with the upcoming Irish presidency of the European Council, EFB is collaborating with the Irish family business community to highlight problems, via two separate panel discussions, that need addressing at community level. SME and Entrepreneurship policy are rightly being prioritised by the European Institutions, and EFB hopes to complete the understanding of family businesses, which tend to be mostly SMEs, so as to ensure that policies formulated in Europe are ultimately conducive to growth and prosperity. EFB is collaborating with JJ O’Connell of Family Business Ireland and Philip Mackeown of Family Business Network Ireland, to ensure that we have a fruitful discussion via the presence of local family business owners.

Family Business Succession: A Briefing
Friday, 02 November 2012 09:21

Dr Cecilia Hegarty recently launched her book “Family Business Succession: A Briefing”



A ‘family business’ is an operating business in which members of the same family have most of the power. Family businesses face increasingly complex issues that affect not only the future of the business itself, but also that of its owners, their family and their employees. Always, the owner must reconcile their own and their family’s aspirations with the commercial goals of the company. The chances of family business survival can be increased if the life-threatening questions are tackled ‘early on and head-on’ and all key stakeholders are involved in planning the future of the company and their role in it. This brief guide provides family business owners, family members and non-family employees working in family firms with guidance for succession planning.



Dr Cecilia Hegarty conducted her PhD research into the dynamics of owning and operating family enterprises in Ireland and acts as a mentor and consultant to family businesses in the area of succession planning.

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