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The Impact of Family Business in Ireland

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Although this repost is based on findings up to 2005. It is important to know the impact that family business has in Ireland. 


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What Daughters Learn When Mom Is the Boss of the Family Business

Sunday, 20 May 2018

A well-run company may be the best Mother's Day gift of all for women who follow their mothers into family-business leadership roles. After all,


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Your Family Business Won't Survive If You Don't Plan for the Leadership Transition

Sunday, 20 May 2018

The artice below is based on a topic that we here at Family Business Ireland are passionate about. Approximately 70% of Family Businesses in ireland


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25 employee company – offices in Belfast, Dublin and Cork


"We are a relatively large business with four of five siblings working in it for many years. The business was founded by our father and mother some fifty years ago. Like many family business whilst we operated very well as a unit many things were left unsaid and not discussed.

We found it difficult to deal with the ‘future’. Whilst we had good financial and legal advice on the management of the business we had little advice and insight into the issues of ownership, governance and future management. We found the Family Business support initiative to be of the greatest assistance. We were given the language and tools to understand our situation. We discovered the issues we faced were not unique. We were normal.

The removal of isolation and the sharing and learning with other family business owners assisted all of us greatly. We have just completed a fully agreed transference from the first generation to the next generation. It has taken five years!

The Family Business team of advisors and facilitators have brought us all the way. Without them I don’t honestly know what way we would have gone. They have infinite patience with a soft yet firm hand."


Managing Director
Happy to speak confidentially to any founders seeking to deal with the issue.